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How efficient is the intelligent pump

When the intelligent pump is used for irrigation, we all hope to complete the work as soon as possible, and the irrigation quality is good, which is related to its use efficiency. Today we will take you to see how its efficiency is calculated.

There is a formula for calculating the efficiency of intelligent pump. The ratio of pump power to shaft power. η= PE / P, power refers to the input power, that is, the power transmitted by the prime mover to the pump shaft, so it is also called shaft power, expressed by P. It also has its own actual power in actual use,

Pe= ρ G QH w or PE= γ QH/1000 (KW)

ρ: Density of liquid delivered by pump (kg / m3)

γ: Gravity of liquid delivered by pump γ=ρ g (N/ m3)

g: Gravitational acceleration (M / s)

With this calculation formula, we can calculate the service efficiency of the intelligent pump and understand the time required for its work, which is convenient for our daily use.



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