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Method for correctly cleaning intelligent pump

The use of intelligent pump also has daily cleaning work, otherwise it will increase the burden of intelligent pump. If you want to improve its performance, correct cleaning occupies one of them. Next, let's see what cleaning methods are available.

Before cleaning the intelligent pump, first turn off the power supply, close the water inlet valve and open the water outlet valve, then turn the safety valve drain valve counterclockwise by 90 degrees to discharge an appropriate amount of water, and the water storage tank stores an appropriate amount of water to realize circulation. The drain valve is closed to determine that the first important task is completed.

After the above work is completed, the internal structure of the intelligent pump is cleaned. As long as there is not too much sludge inside, it will not affect the normal use. Regular cleaning will increase the sludge as the time accumulates, which will not aggravate the difficulty of cleaning in the later stage, but also increase the difficulty of using the pump, causing blockage and affecting the pumping, Therefore, clean the intelligent pump regularly and do a good job in maintenance.



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