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How to choose the type of intelligent water pump

The use of intelligent water pump focuses on its intelligent operation. At present, there are many types on the market. How to choose the model?

On the one hand, the selection is the model of the water pump, on the other hand, the selection is the specification. Whether to choose an ordinary intelligent pump or an energy-saving intelligent pump. After selection, determine the purpose of use and the use environment to determine what kind of product. Under special conditions, it is also necessary for the design unit and the manufacturer to communicate with each other to determine the use of water pump products, so as to select the appropriate products more appropriately.

The nature of the medium directly determines the material and type of the pump. Regardless of the physical and chemical properties, the effect of different performance is different. The specification parameters are an important condition for the selection of the pump. They are carefully selected according to the work flow and the possible change range in operation.



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