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Daily troubleshooting methods of common intelligent water pumps

The use of intelligent water pumps will also encounter some problems. When encountering problems, we will see whether we can solve them by ourselves. If we can solve them, we don't have to go to the maintenance department, and we can save maintenance costs. Next, we will take you to see how to eliminate the problems.

1. Water cannot be discharged after the pump is started. Check whether there is air in the pump or gas accumulation in the pipe. This will happen where there is air leakage. Remove the sundries inside. If the rubber pad is damaged, replace it, compress or replace the new packing, and close the gate valve or flap door. These methods can be used to eliminate the fault.

2. When the intelligent water pump starts, it can't rotate. The packing is too tight or the impeller and pump body are blocked by sundries. It can also be seen that the main reason why the water pump can't operate normally is blockage. If there is blockage, it needs to be eliminated. Clean up the sundries inside, which will not affect the normal use of the water pump.

3. The heating bearing of the intelligent water pump is damaged. The clearance of the rolling bearing is too small. If the pump shaft is bent or the two shafts are not concentric, the bearing will be damaged. The maintenance of this point needs to be replaced. The problem is relatively large. If it cannot be replaced, it still needs to be completed by professionals.



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