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Remote control operation of intelligent pump

Smart pump is a popular water pump now. Intelligent operation is convenient to use. It can be operated by downloading the corresponding app software on the mobile phone. Next, let's take you to see its remote control.

In principle, the use of intelligent pump is a control mode that can be controlled by mobile phone software. This mode has low production cost, but it can be controlled as long as the mobile phone has a signal, which is somewhat different from the intelligent operation we know. A mobile phone can control multiple numbers, has the function of timing switch, can be set by itself, and the operation is simple.

The mobile phone remotely controls the intelligent water pump control cabinet, which is controlled by software. The state of the equipment can be fed back synchronously, and the working state of the water pump can be quickly mastered. The master account can be shared with other personnel for operation, and the state of the water pump can be jointly mastered. Multiple mode states can be adjusted, including single time, repetition and delay quick timing, which can be adjusted according to the working state.



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