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Power saving tips of garden humidification pump

The power source of garden humidification pump is electric energy, which is basically used every day. How to save electricity and expenses has become a problem that users want to solve.

As an important part of garden humidification pump, if you want to save electricity, start with the selection of motor, high efficiency and low consumption, click to save energy, and improve the efficiency of transmission device. When selecting the motor, check the motor power. Rational use is the key. In case of replacement in the later stage, it is also necessary to select the one with the same capacity. The capacity is too large and is not suitable for the use of existing equipment.

Reducing pipeline resistance in use is also energy-saving. In the central European way, the pipeline design should be reasonable, shorten the pipeline length as much as possible and reduce the existence of joints. This step is mainly done when manufacturers produce garden humidification pumps.

Adjusting the speed of the water pump is also a way to save electricity. For the use of garden humidification pump, speed regulation is also a common way. In the case of sprinkler irrigation all day, sometimes the speed does not need to be too fast, and it can be supplemented with water. Different ways bring different energy-saving effects. Select the appropriate way according to the needs of sprinkler irrigation.



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