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Method for solving small water output of reflux pump

The low water output of the reflux pump will certainly affect the work efficiency. In order to complete the work as soon as possible, we should also improve the problem of low water output. Next, let's take you to see what solutions are available.

The reflux pump just bought certainly does not have the problem of small water output. It will not happen until it is used for a period of time. There must be a reason for this. The motor does not rotate or reverses is one of the reasons. The motor is also an important structure in the work of the water pump. If the water pump fails, it is not a simple problem of small water output. When checking the motor, first turn off the power supply, check the stability of the power line connector and adjust it to the correct running direction.

The blockage of the inlet filter screen in the reflux pump will also lead to the problem of small water output. If it is blocked or even unable to discharge water, the filter screen can be cleaned regularly.

If the impeller is stuck and worn, it will cause less water output of the reflux pump. Clean up other stuck items. If there is wear and falling off, replace the impeller.



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