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How to choose a good garden humidification pump

Choosing a good garden humidification pump can help us save energy and use cost. The difficulty lies in how to choose good equipment and what standards can we choose?

There are many options for garden humidification pump. In fact, there are not many parameters that need to be referred to. It is mainly to check its flow and lift. If these two aspects can meet the needs of daily use, there is basically no problem. If you understand from the price, brand and after-sales aspects, you can quickly lock in several products, and the selection should be more convenient and fast.

Generally, the garden humidification pump selected is equipped with 10 nozzles on the PE pipe with 16mm pipe diameter and 30m length. The water pressure of each nozzle is 150 ~ 300kPa and the flow is 100L ~ 140L / h. what lift pump is required? In the actual selection, the appropriate pump should be selected according to the use situation.



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