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Methods to reduce the failure of garden humidification pump

The use of garden humidification pump is mainly used as sprinkler irrigation in the greening and planting of parks, especially in the hot weather in summer, and the working hours are relatively long every day. However, it should also be noted that when there are failures in the long-time work, how to reduce the failure rate lies in its daily use and maintenance.

When using the garden humidification pump, you can't ignore its maintenance. Open the gate valve during normal operation, check the load of the motor, and check the range indicated on the sign when using it, so as to ensure that it can operate with high efficiency, achieve good energy-saving effect, and maintain the equipment.

There is bound to be a disassembly process during maintenance. During disassembly, the iron core and plastic retainer are mainly protected. The detection of the motor can be checked by the electromagnetic effect generated by the submersible axial flow pump, which can make the iron core vibrate and the winding vibrate itself. It is easy to cause insulation and damage to the insulation of the electromagnetic wire, which should be avoided.



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