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What if the garden humidification pump is blocked

The use environment of garden humidification pump sometimes has sand and gravel deposition, because this situation will cause blockage. How to solve the blockage in use?

When the garden humidification pump is in use, it is necessary to ensure the operation of key equipment. The operation of key equipment can be ensured only after the smooth completion of the whole process. It is required to inject catalyst according to a certain proportion, and the shutdown time shall not exceed 15rain. It is also a test of the humidification pump.

In order to improve the service performance of garden humidification pump, the lubricating oil and wear parts should be replaced regularly, which is also to reduce the problem of blockage. The blockage is more due to the problem of the place of use. There are substances such as sludge or impurities pumped up during the use of the pump, which can not be eliminated in time. Increase the power operation and remove the dirt inside to solve the problem of blockage. Replace the place of use or clean up the impurities, Ensure the health and safety of the use environment.



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