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Precautions for use of micro diaphragm pump

Although the use effect of micro diaphragm pump is good, we still need to pay attention to some problems when we use it. I hope the following precautions can help you.

1. Ensure that the maximum particle contained in the fluid does not exceed the maximum safe particle diameter standard of the pump;

2. The air inlet pressure shall not exceed the maximum allowable use pressure of the pump, and the compressed air higher than the rated pressure may cause personal injury, property loss and damage to the performance of the pump;

3. Ensure that the pipeline system of pump pressure can bear the maximum output pressure, and ensure the cleanness and normal working conditions of the driving gas system;

4. Electrostatic spark may cause explosion, resulting in personal injury and property loss. Use wire with sufficient cross-sectional area as required, and properly and reliably ground the grounding screw on the pump;

5. The grounding requirements shall meet the requirements of local laws and regulations and some special requirements on site;

6. Fasten the pump and all connecting pipe joints to prevent electrostatic sparks due to vibration impact. Use antistatic hose;

7. To periodically check and test the reliability of the grounding system, the grounding resistance shall be less than 100 ohms;

8. Keep good exhaust and ventilation, away from inflammable, explosive and heat source;

9. The exhaust of the pump may contain solids. Do not face the exhaust port to the work area or people, so as to avoid personal injury;

10. When the diaphragm fails, the delivered materials will be ejected from the exhaust muffler;

11. When transporting flammable and toxic fluid, please connect the drain to a safe place away from the work area;

12. Please use a pipe with smooth inner wall of at least 1 / 2 "inner diameter to connect the air inlet;

13. High pressure of the fluid may cause serious personal injury and property loss. Please do not carry out any maintenance work on the pump body and pipeline system when the pump is pressurized

14. During maintenance, cut off the air inlet of the pump, open the bypass pressure relief mechanism to relieve the pressure of the pipeline system, and slowly loosen the connected pipe joints;

15. If the harmful and toxic fluid pump is delivered, please do not send the pump directly to the manufacturer for repair. Properly handle according to local laws and regulations, and use the manufacturer's pure accessories to ensure the service life.



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