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Where can atomizing pump be used

There are many application fields of atomizing pump. Today, our factory will introduce some of them to you. What are the uses of our atomizing pump.

1. Medical use: our atomizing pump can be used in the production of atomizing agent. The effect is very good, but it needs special custom-made, the micro atomization pump can play a good role.

2. used as garden spray pump. The disordered products can be used for garden watering and fertilization, with good atomization effect, which can disperse the water and fertilizer evenly, which is conducive to the use of garden.

3. It can be used for making rockery fountain. The power source of rockery fountain can use this atomizing pump product, which can raise the water pressure, and the effect is very good.

The above is the common use of our atomizing pump. Welcome to our factory for customization.



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